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That cannabis is much more than a nice relaxing way to enjoy alone or with friends may be clear by now.
 The list of testimonies of patients who can enjoy their lives with full abandon thanks to cannabis oil is long and ever-growing.
 Cannabis oil can have a beneficial effect on various ailments such as rheumatism, skin ailments, pain, diabetes, nausea and much more.
 However, there are people who experience the effects of cannabis oil with THC as uncomfortable or do not need THC to treat their disease.
These people can use special CBD oil.

This CBD oil from is extracted from cannabis plants with a low THC content and a high CBD content.

There is less than 0.2 percent THC and can be sold just like hemp seed oil. It does not give a stoned or high feeling, but does possess the powerful medicinal effects of the cannabis plant.

There is less than 0.2 percent THC and can be sold just like hemp seed oil.

As mentioned, CBD oil can work well against a range of diseases and ailments.

It helps well to relax the muscles, allowing you to sleep deeper. Furthermore, CBD oil acts as an inhibitor on the appetite or the appetite in a cigarette.

It can therefore also be used as an aid to stop smoking or lose weight.

CBD oil 10ml ~ Medicinal CBD oil diluted 15x (0.173% THC + 2.6% CBD). This oil is also called golyoli.

CBD oil can have a positive effect in rheumatism, psoriasis and other skin diseases, pain, diabetes, nausea, epilepsy and many other diseases and ailments.

A bottle of this CBD oil contains 10ml of medicinal oil with a constant value of 0.173% THC and 2.6% CBD.

The color of the oil is golden, in contrast to the cannabis oil that is green in color.

The use is simple: drop one or more drops of oil under the tongue. In the beginning it is advisable to start with 1 drop to see how your body reacts to it, before you try a higher dose.

On average, the effect occurs after 10 to 15 minutes.

The first effect that can be observed is usually the relaxation of the muscles, followed by the reduction of pain.

Depending on the complaint or the ailment, you can administer 2 to 3 drops at a time and build this up to several times a day, again depending on the complaint or the ailment.

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Daniel, like other young people from Volendam, has the necessary experiences with cocaine and alcohol. With him that made him psychosis sensitive.

At the age of 28 the attacks started, Daniel had a total of five psychoses after which he had to learn again and again to become a little more human.

Obviously Daniel sought help from the doctors who prescribed the usual heavy medication.

The side effects do not lie: Daniel arrived in kilos, became numb, got depressed feelings and had a total lack of energy.

Until he read about cannabinoids two years ago and that we can sometimes need people.

He bought a bottle of CBD oil and learned his own optimal dose. Since then, he has done much better, he has had no psychosis and feels clearer by the CBD.

Daniel has now even started to finish his medication.


You sometimes hear that THC can trigger psychoses in people who are sensitive to it.

However, CBD is the natural counterpart of THC and has an anti-psychotic effect.

Yet Daniel also benefits from THC and especially when he can not sleep. The dosed use of THC oil then ensures that he still gets his rest.

Inside and outside the cannabis world there has recently been a huge increase in hemp and CBD products, mostly in the form of oil. 

However, you can not just throw things in one heap, because it does make a difference – say a lot – whether your medicinal oil has been extracted from hemp (seed) or from cannabis.

 How and what do you learn in this article!

What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?

The range of products based on hemp is still increasing. 

Versatility is the key word here, because every product provides a different need.

 Hemp seed oil, cannabis oil, CBD oil: there is a lot of choice and that can be confusing for the average consumer.

 In this article we look at the differences between hemp oil – also called hemp seed oil – and CBD oil.

Hempseed oil


Hemp seed oil is, as the name suggests, extracted by pressing hemp seed. Hemp seed is not psychoactive (4 mg THC / kg) when it is consumed. Hemp oil is legal in most countries and is sold in food stores along with other types of oil.

CBD oil 

CBD oil is extracted from cannabis flowers, preferably of a species that contains an extremely large amount of CBD (cannabidiol). 

The oil does not have hallucinogenic properties. 

There is also CBD oil that is extracted from hemp. Due to the very low content of CBD in hemp, however, this oil has very few medicinal properties. 

This oil is therefore mainly used as a dietary supplement. CBD oil is only for sale in places where it has been declared specifically legal.

Medicinal properties

CBD oil and hemp seed oil have in common that neither of them is psychoactive, something that plays an important role in their popularity. 

Especially in countries where cannabis is not legal, these drugs are a safer alternative to consuming cannabis. Also, therefore, use for medical reasons is permitted by minors.

Hemp seed oil

Refined hemp seed oil is generally considered a foodstuff. 

As a result, it is legal in most countries. It has numerous health benefits and is for that reason a very popular ‘superfood’.

  • Protein rich
  • Full of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega 6 and omega 3
  • Vitamin E antioxidants
  • Linoleic acid (has a positive influence on aging / skin conditions)

Hemp seed oil contains – it must be said – a little CBD. However, such a small amount only has a positive effect on patients suffering from non-severe to mild conditions.

CBD oil

To this day it remains difficult to mention all medicinal properties of CBD, because new scientific and anecdotal evidence is constantly being found.CBD oil is made from cannabis flowers, from which resin and CBD are extracted through a number of different methods. 

It is advisable to inform you about the method used and the overall quality of the product before buying CBD oil. 


The external differences between hemp seed oil and CBD oil often have to do with the quality of both products. 

Refined hemp seed oil and CBD oil can both have a lighter or darker shade depending on their quality, age, storage method etc.

The two types of oil are extracted from the same polymorphic plant species, which explains why they usually look identical. 

Both have a full, golden-green color that resembles that of olive oil.


Hemp oil is known under different names: hemp seed oil, hemp oil, culinary hemp oil and, sometimes, cannabis oil. 

Hemp seed oil is not only the clearest, but also the most correct name. In order to determine whether a product called ‘hemp oil’ or one of the other names mentioned above is actually hemp seed oil, you should view the list of ingredients.

 While the use of an incorrect or vague name may be motivated by marketing and / or packaging reasons, the list of ingredients should provide clarity.

CBD oil, on the other hand, is not to be confused with any other product in terms of naming.

 In most cases, the term CBD oil is also used in the description of the product or on the packaging. 

Very rarely do you find the word cannabis oil. However, it would be counterproductive not to use the term CBD because it is ultimately one of the main products of the medicinal cannabis industry. 

It is therefore likely that the term appears on the packaging at least once.



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  • Is CBD oil healthy?
  • What is the best CBD oil?
  • Which CBD oil is reliable?
  • What is the best pure CBD oil?

This article is for anyone who is curious about CBD oil.

How does it work, how do you rate quality and how can you use it wisely?

The CBD pipette bottles are prominently on the counter at grocery stores and health food stores.

As an expert from the very beginning, I wish everyone a good experience with CBD.

I would like to help you on your way with CBD oil, so that you get the right image of this versatile dietary supplement.

Why does CBD work?

The abbreviation CBD stands for cannabidiol.

This is a substance that occurs in the cannabis plant. Not the fabric that makes you high.

Your body, like that of any other mammal, has an  endocannabinoid system.

This system regulates bodily processes using substances that are called endocannabinoids.

Endocannabinoids (endogenous cannabinoids) are similar to phytocannabinoïden (plant cannabinoids).

Your body is also very easy with vegetable cannabinoids. The fabrics fit the same receptors.

The amount of THC in CBD oil is very low, so it is not possible to become stoned or high.

CBD oil can simply be used in combination with driving or drinking alcoholic beverages.

No side effects are known during normal use. CBD oil is not addictive.

CBD products

Dietary supplements with CBD are most often encountered as CBD oil in a pipette bottle.

You usually drop the CBD oil under your tongue. It is good to know that there are other ways to take CBD to you.

In what ways can you use CBD? If you are a tea drinker, a cup of CBD tea  feels comfortable.

You put an excellent pot of dried hemp leaves and / or flowers. CBD chewing gum is easy to have with you when you’re out and about. In the list of vitamin and mineral pills fit CBD capsules , which you tap back with a glass of water.

You can use CBD paste under the tongue and appear in use on CBD oil. CBD can also be reacted with a CBD suppository.

For external use on the skin there is special CBD lip balm, CBD ointment and CBD body butter .

Quality of the CBD products

Please note if you are curious about CBD oil!

Better do not let yourself be tempted into an impulse purchase at a drugstore or web shops that only sell CBD oil.

The one bottle of CBD oil is certainly not the other.

As with any product that is comfortable in the elevator, there are producers who want to earn money quickly.

As a consumer you have to be on your guard.

These three factors are important: organic cultivation method, the method of extracting and the percentage of CBD oil.

The cultivation method of hemp

CBD oil starts in the field.

The raw material is completely vegetable and the method of cultivation has a great influence on the quality.

I believe that you get the best quality if you choose the right variety of hemp plants, let nature take its course and give the plant time to grow on certified organic soil.

Buy CBD oil, where do you find good and safe quality CBD oil?

You can buy CBD oil nowadays in many places on the internet.

There are also health shops where you can order CBD oil of all kinds of different qualities.

It is therefore very important to deepen as much as possible before you buy and use cbd oil.

CBD oil you buy completely legally in the Netherlands, it currently has the status of supplement.

Take advantage of this opportunity and experience if and how you can benefit from it.

On you will only find the best and safest organic CBD oil products from reliable brands such as Medihemp (Austria) and Endoca (USA / Denmark).

Buy CBD oil thus guarantees the best quality from reputable brands that have their processes in order and clearly distinguish themselves from other brands.

A big difference is that Endoca and MediHemp have everything in their own hands.

From sowing over the land in the spring, harvesting and drying the plants in the autumn to extracting with own extraction equipment.

They know exactly how to adjust the equipment for the best quality.

Other producers of CBD oil do not grow the hemp themselves but buy it from third parties and outsource the extraction process.

Or they get the CBD oil ready-to-use without having control over the quality and the origin.

Naturally, there are also producers who buy hemp grown in a responsible manner, but little is checked outside the organic labels.

MediHemp and Endoca offer CBD oil products from organically grown hemp on their own soil.

The extraction method of CBD oil

There are two common ways to extract the CBD extract from the vegetable raw material: oil extraction and CO2 extraction.

Both extraction methods can yield a high-quality product. But the way in which the extraction takes place is also important.

Many brands spend the extraction process because the equipment requires a significant investment.

CBD oil from oil extraction

The oil extraction of CBD oil is accompanied by heat, which requires the necessary care and duration which often makes this oil a bit more expensive.

Heat can damage the active substances at the molecular level. A number of cannabinoids are also lost because they simply evaporate.

The heating ensures that CBDa (the a state for acid, or the acid form of CBD) is converted into CBD.

Careful oil extraction thus yields a product that is particularly rich in CBD, flavonoids, terpenes and phenols.

It is a clear oil and has a soft nutty taste, similar to hemp seed oil (especially known as an alternative in the cold kitchen for olive oil).

CBD oil Raw from CO2 extraction

CBD oil from CO2 extraction is cheaper and easier to produce because there is no heating involved and it is a less lengthy process.

In this process, pressure is being applied by means of CO2 to extract substances from the plant material.

This is a soft and clean extraction in which the other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBN, CBG and CBV are well preserved. CO2 extraction gives CBD oil a somewhat sharper spicy taste.

This CBD oil is also called CBD oil Raw, it looks cloudy with a greenish brown color.

Every cannabinoid has its properties and most people choose CBD oil Raw from CO2 extraction because in many complaints and conditions some of the other cannabinoids are also important.

CBD oil Raw from CO2 extraction from MediHemp

Medihemp the power of a craft

The family business Medihemp emerged a few years ago from the desire of the founders to use all the good of mother nature to live happier.


They wanted to be less dependent on modern (chemical) medicines, but still be able to combat all kinds of disorders.

The power of hemp had been known for some time and in the sunny Austria (Burgerland) the first 15 ha of hemp were planted between the characteristic grape vines.

Not knowing that pure Medihemp products would be so successful.

A lot has happened over the years, including the introduction of the CBD capsules and CBG oil.

In the meantime, more than 400 ha are planted with hemp and the end of the growth is not yet in sight.

Medihemp uses its own harvest in more ways than you might think.

The organic hemp seed oil where the CBD extract is dissolved, Medihemp makes with much love.

Even the insulation material in the building where Medihemp is located is made from hemp from the own harvest.

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SKAL certified

All Medihemp products are certified organic and meet strict requirements.

Sales, production and export are carried out according to: Austria Bio Garantie GmbH, AT BIO-301, FN 78753p, 2202 Enzersfeld Austria.

Conducting organic certification ensures that Medihemp is distinctive in the field of selling CBD products.

Medihemp is SKAL certified; a label through strict controls on used raw materials and production methods ensures certainty.


In the cultivation and harvest of Medihemp’s fiber hemp, chemicals such as artificial fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics or artificial additives are never used.

The products are not genetically modified and Gamma radiation is also avoided.

Medihemp is known for strict monitoring of clean agricultural land.

For example, the soil must have been free of chemicals for at least 3 years, which Medihemp uses for hemp cultivation.

A biological standard is not just anything. To begin with, regular inspections are held.

Organic and non-organic products are also separated in the entire process.

Medihemp goes even further by using special harvesters only for the biological fields and only using extraction machines for the organic plant material.

Machines are first thoroughly cleaned before they are used and the biological end product is stored separately.


The production process of the oil is closely monitored.

A large amount of laboratory tests ensures that Medihemp knows exactly what is going on in the process to adjust it if necessary and to deliver a consistent product.

Medihemp also has various independent laboratories carry out tests.

Only if this and Medihemp’s own results agree, Medihemp will continue to produce.

The process of analyzing

Not only the final product is tested, but there are test moments during the entire process from seed to end product.

The seeds are tested for: CBD / CBDa, THC / THCa, heavy metals, pesticides, acidity (PH), peroxide content, aflatoxins, microbiology (enterobacteriaceae, fungi, salmonella, suphitereductin clostridia), moisture content, density, non-soluble impurities in the oil and free fatty acids.

When the plants grow the CBD / CBDa and the THC / THCa percentage are measured.

Just before the harvest, the same test is done again to measure the percentages of the cannabinoids in the plants.

The dried plant material is then tested again for the CBD / CBDa and THC / THCa concentrations and also for heavy metals, pesticides, acidity, peroxide content, aflatoxins, microbiology (enterobacteriaceae, fungi, salmonella, suphitereductin clostridia), moisture content, density, non- soluble impurities in the oil and free fatty acids.

After extraction, the same points are tested once again and once when the product is ready for bottling.

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Medihemp Raw CBD oil renewed formula

Nature is beautiful, but not the same day.

Since Medihemp produces natural products, the taste, color and substance will differ per batch.

This is due to the circumstances during the growth of the plants (sun, rain, climate, type of plant, soil, etc.).

But it is also a sign that Medihemp does not add any chemicals or other substances to adjust the CBD extract.

The plants produce different values ​​in terms of substances depending on the circumstances, so the plants contain a slightly different ratio of cannabidoids, terpenes, etc. at a time.

The CBD content is strictly monitored during the entire process.

After this process of extraction, a thick CBD paste remains. The thickness is created by the presence of natural waxing.

The CBD oil Raw from Medihemp now has a new improved formula that increases bioavailability.

This means that the cannabidoids can be better absorbed by the body.

Medihemp has found a way to extract these previously mentioned waxes from the extract.

This explains why the new oil is lighter in color and thinner in terms of substance.

Ultimately, the CBD content is naturally measured once again in the final product, so that the CBD content meets the standard.


Not only the products, but also the process of making the oil must meet high standards.

At the time of writing, Medihemp has just moved to a hypermodern and much larger location.

This includes the IFS Food and ICCI quality standards directly. The IFS Food Standard is a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized standard for the control of food manufacturers.

The focus is mainly on food safety and the quality of the processes and products.

To ensure quality and product safety within the hemp industry, Medihemp participates in various initiatives.

For example, the Patient Focused Certification (PFC) Program has been created by the “Americans for Safe Access Foundation”.

This program stands for the interests of consumers and health care providers in order to be able to offer high-quality medical cannabis products and services.

The percentage of the CBD oil

The difference that is most striking is the concentration of CBD in relation to the total content.

To reach different strengths, the CBD extract is diluted with hemp seed oil (sometimes with olive oil).

The lowest percentage can be found in the so-called hemp seed oil CBD plus with about 0.2%.

The percentages usually rise from about 2.5% to high percentages such as 20%.

CBD oil with a lower percentage should of course be cheaper.

Some producers and retailers use the ignorance of the average consumer by offering CBD oil for prices that match higher percentages.

Low percentages of 0.2% to 3% are usually used as a supporting dietary supplement.

High percentages of 10% and more are suitable for people who have experience with CBD and the targeted use against a certain condition.

Average percentages of 5% and 6% are used the most.

Tips for using CBD oil

  • CBD oil is  best stored in a dark and cool place. The refrigerator is not necessary and will only ensure that your oil thickens and is harder to get out of the bottle. The quality slowly deteriorates after opening, it should still be good until one year after opening. Start with a 10ml bottle to gain experience.
  • Shake before use , so that the active ingredients are evenly distributed between the oil. Also squeeze the rubber of the pipette bottle a few times.
  • Administer do simply by the CBD drops to drip directly under the tongue. The CBD can be absorbed directly into the oral mucosa and this is the most common way. In order to properly count the number of drops, it is best to use a mirror. Just no mirror in the neighborhood? Dropping a drop of CBD oil from your hand is also possible.
  • Leaking bottle  you prevent by placing the cap with the pipette carefully back on the bottle. Leaks occur because the glass tube of the pipette strikes the edge of the bottle and leaves oil there. CBD oil is very thin and will slowly run along the outside of the bottle. It looks like you are losing some CBD oil, but fortunately that is not so bad. With smaller bottles of 10ml you have less problems with that.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

Before you start using CBD oil, it is always smart to read about the product.

This way you will learn how to build up the dose. It is also important that you know how to keep it in the right way.


Rectal and vaginal use

CBD in oil form, is already a well-known phenomenon. But did you know that you can also give CBD in suppository form?

A CBD suppository can have several benefits. It is true that when using CBD suppositories you will always have to stay for a while after insertion, because otherwise you can not take everything properly through the intestinal wall.

It is also possible to make THC or CBD suppositories yourself and thus determine yourself which dosage you want to apply.


More and more people choose to give their animal daily CBD and / or hemp seed oil. An animal also has a body’s endocannabinoid system.

What are the risks of CBD oil?

CBD oil is a dietary supplement that is well on the rise.

That is a nice fact. Many people think, however, that a food supplement can be used at all times.

So this is just a point of attention! In the meantime, there has been quite a lot of research into the influence that CBD can have on other medications, and that interaction is not always favorable or deserves extra attention.

That is why it is so incredibly important to first discuss the use of CBD oil with your attending physician, and to take a closer look at which medications in addition to CBD oil can or can not be used.

Difference in operation of hemp oil, CBD oil and THC oil

Hemp seed oil, CBD oil and THC oil … a selection of the different oils that are all obtained from cannabis.

But from which cannabis?

There are different types of plants, with different properties. You have plants that mainly contain THC, they have a psychoactive effect.

In short: you can become stoned or high. Plants that mainly contain CBD do not have this effect and CBD can even reduce the high effect of THC again.

Hemp seed oil comes from the same plant as CBD oil, but is pressed from the seeds obtained from fiber hemp. In the end they are all related to each other, but with a very different effect .

CBD oil does not work with me?

Imagine you have tried CBD oil once, but it did nothing or hardly is for you.

Why does not it work?

There are several factors that play a role whether or not CBD oil works for you.

First of all, it concerns the endocannabinoid system, when there is something wrong with the system in the body, it can be that CBD oil does not catch on.

The chance is small, but this could be a reason.

Another reason can be simply the quality, I have heard from several people who have switched to better quality that it also works better.

The dosage can also make a difference.

Has the dosage been high enough?

On the other hand, you can also use too much CBD oil. If you use more drops per day than what is ideal for you, the effect can also decrease.

The speed at which certain substances are broken down in the body is different for everyone.

That is why every body responds differently to the cannabinoids. It is important to build up quietly.

Start with a low dose of 1 to 3 dosing moments per day and 1 to 2 drops per dose.

With an average percentage you can spread better over the day than a high percentage.

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